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 Dreamstone 37




Shakespeare Slam: Anyone can participate in our Shakespearen insulting, in which anyone (and we mean anyone) can insult anyone else and then defend their honor in combat! Armor doesn't match? We can provide a suitable, foam sword alternative. For those too “dainty,” you can declare a champion to defend yourself. Prizes will be awarded for the best insulter and best fighter.

Baron's Prize Tournament: Mixed style tournament with teams of rapier and armored combatants.


Dreamstone Tournament: A double elimination, mixed weapons tournament where combatants battle for the honor and glory of winning a piece of the Dreamstone, the mythical stone found by one of Prince Madoc's men in the New World. Come and try to win gems from Their Excellencies Bryn Madoc.

Bridesmaid Tournament: Always the bridesmaid never the bride, this tournament allows those fighters who have never won a tournament a chance to test their mettle.


Early Bird Tournament: This tournament will begin at 9 a.m. on the dot. All competitors must be inspected and at the field in gear at the start of the tournament. The tournament will be either a single elimination or a round robin, depending on the number of fighters taking part.

First Mate Tournament: The return of a Dreamstone classic. Fighters pair up in teams of two — one more experienced fighter and one less experienced. Teams will be determined at the event. The teams fight in 2v2 bouts. A team will receive 1 point for winning the bout and an additional point for each kill earned by the less experienced fighter. This will be fought as a round robin, with the team scoring the most points declared the victor.

Tavern Brawl: You were planning on just enjoying a midday meal and refreshing beverage at the festival. You sit down with a friend or two to talk of the recent tourneys and beautiful people when a few strangers join your table. The braggarts start bad-mouthing your favorite noble.

Thus opens the fight! The tavern brawl will be a round-robin style, open weapon tourney using your primary weapon and an offhand from your surroundings. The table will have food, standard table wear, and drinks. Participants may carry sword, dagger, and assorted street gear.

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