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 Dreamstone 37




12:30 p.m., Saturday afternoon
Baroness' Brewing Competition

The Baronesses of Bryn Madoc have traditionally sponsored a brewing competition at Dreamstone. This year is no exception!

This competition will be judged by a panel of judges. The taste-testing will be done “blind,” with numbered glasses and scorecards. All participants in the competition are expected to serve on the panel, plus those invited by the Baroness to assist.

Entries will be due to the designated location by 11 a.m. on Saturday, and the judging will proceed at the Baronial pavilion immediately following lunch. The winner will be announced at court.

6:30 p.m., Saturday evening
Feast Entertainment

We will provide a stage area where volunteers may perform for the feast. Feastgoers will be able to throw soft-stuffed felt “food” and orlando$ at the performers. Performers with the most “food” thrown at them and the most orlando$ will be rewarded!

9 p.m., Saturday evening
Bardic Competition

Come and sing your songs of cheer! Bring a song, a story, or an instrumental piece meant to get people smiling, clapping, and singing along!


10 a.m., Saturday morning
Class: Beginning Illumination
Instructor: Lady Satara al-Katiba

How to create a period illumination, from start to finish. Lady Satara will have all the tools and some resources to help guide you in making an illumination.

10 a.m., Saturday morning
Class: Stagecraft and Superstition
Instructor: Lord Gunnarr Inn Hviti

Let's talk about the history of stagecraft and acting in a theater, and about some of the long running superstitions that have developed around it. You'll also learn a few techniques for public speaking and performing on stage. No experience required!

11 a.m., Saturday morning
Class: Magic as a Bardic Art
Instructor: Lord Gunnarr Inn Hviti

Ever thought about being a magician? Join Lord Gunnarr in a discussion about what is actually involved in performing magic. We'll discuss the standards, challenges, and rewards in this uncommon performance art. This will not be a magic show, but we will talk about the different kinds of magic available, and the roles a magician can fill in the Current Middle Ages.

1:30 p.m., Saturday afternoon
Class: Letter Writing
Instructor: Master Lorenzo Petrucci

1:30 p.m., Saturday afternoon
Class: Commedia dell'Arte
Instructor: Master Mathias Blackett

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