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 Dreamstone 37




Armored/Fencing Crossover Tournament — Baron's Prize: This tourney will feature teams comprised of an Armored Combatant and a Fencer. The Armored fighters will battle other Armored fighters, and likewise with the Fencers. Teams will stay in the tournament until they have suffered three total deaths between the two fighters. The last team alive will be the victor.


Dreamstone Tournament: A double elimination tournament where combatants battle for the honor and glory of winning a piece of the Dreamstone, the mythical stone found by one of Prince Madoc's men in the New World. Come and try to win gems from Their Excellencies Bryn Madoc.

Bridesmaid Tournament: Always the bridesmaid never the bride, this is a tournament to allow those fighters who have never won a tournament a chance to test their mettle.



Early Bird Tournament: This tournament will begin at 10 a.m. on the dot. All competitors must be inspected and at the field in gear at the start of the tournament, or they will not be able to participate. The tournament will be either a Single Elimination or a Round Robin, depending on the number of fighters taking part.

First Mate Tournament: This tournament will be the return of a Dreamstone classic. Fighters will pair up in teams of two — one more experienced fighter and one less experienced. These teams will be determined at the event. The teams will then fight in 2v2 bouts. A team will receive 1 point for winning the bout and an additional point for each kill earned by the less experienced fighter. This will be fought as a Round Robin, with the team scoring the most points declared the victor.

Pressing Matters Meleé: This meleé is inspired by the naval act of pressing sailors into service, and is a twist on the traditional Warlord Tournament. All combatants will begin by themselves, as “captain” of their ship. As opposed to a bracket, this tournament will feature open challenges. In this initial stage, when one person is defeated by another, the loser joins the winner's crew. At this point, crews may challenge each other. Upon a loss, either a) the leader of a crew sacrifices half of his crew to the victor, or b) the crew may mutiny and throw their leader to the other team. This allows for a longer meleé, and adds the additional elements of strategy and diplomacy to a typical meleé.

Pickups will take place as time allows after the meleé.

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