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 Danelaw 24




No Bull Tournament: Warm up for the day with a multiple-ring bear pit tourney to get your blood flowing. This is an open weapons tournament. Weapons may change in the pits according to the agreement of the marshals and the combatants.

’Til the Cows Come Home: All is well on the farm — that is, until the cows come home. During the recent battles, our cows were stolen! Now we are going to retrieve them, so that our families will let us come home. This battle will be fought at least twice, each with different defenders. The goal is to get your team to the cows and return them to your home flag.

Prize Cow Fight: 5-6 man weighted melee round robin style tourney, competing for ownership of the prize bull.



Steak & Eggs (Early Bird): Round Robin tournament.

Prize Bull (Timed Tourney): Fight early & often! Each combatant enters with 10 “tokens.” Carve out some space and fight. Combatants are worth (per loss):
o  Master — 4 tokens
o  Don/MoB — 3 tokens
o  Cadet/Provost — 2 tokens
o  All others — 1 token
Once you are out of tokens, you are out. Non-fighting betting with tokens is encouraged. At the end of the time, the one with the most tokens will be proclaimed the “Prize Bull.”

Prime Cuts: Format depends on number of combatants. Victory only by draw cut. Fight ends via “death” blow, but points will only be awarded for “death” by draw cut.

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